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Tipton Education Association Constitution

Article III



Section 1.  Active 
Any person who holds a valid teaching certificate and who is employed by the Tipton Community School Corporation may become an active member of this Association upon payment of the current annual dues of the United Education Profession (local, Indiana State Teachers Association and National Education Association).
Section 2. Rights of 


All active members of the Association shall have the right to full voting privileges and to hold elected or appointed offices.  The Association shall not deny membership to individuals on the basis of race, sex, creed, or national origin.
Section 3. Obligations of 


All active members shall agree to abide by the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the education profession and shall support the stated purposes and objectives of the Association.
Section 4. Continuation 
               of Membership 


All memberships are continuing memberships and will continue in effect from year to year unless the teacher notifies the Association in writing that the teacher wishes to revoke his or her membership.  Any written revocation of membership must be filed prior to the membership deadline of the year immediately preceding the year in which the membership is to be canceled.
Section 5. Membership 
The membership year shall be September 1 to August 31.


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