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Tipton Education Association Constitution

Article VI

Executive Board


Section 1. 


Upon the Executive Board shall rest the duties, responsibilities and authority for the conduct of the Association in all its matters except as stated otherwise in the constitution and by-laws: provided that they may at any time refer any matter to the entire membership for consideration.  Any member may, upon submitting a written request to their building representative, request any matter be brought to the entire membership.
Section 2.  


The Exectuve Board shall consist of elected officers and Building Representatives (also may include District Council delegates).  (Appointed standing committee chairpersons may serve as non-voting members.)
Section 3.
The Executive Board shall conduct the affairs of the Association between meetings of the general membership.
Section 4.


The Executive Board shall have the power to fill any officer vacancies.  The person so selected shall serve only until an election can be held to complete the unexpired term.


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