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Tipton Education Association
Officers and Committee Members
2000 - 2001

President - Matt Wood

1st Vice-President - Jeanine Wade

2nd Vice-President (Membership Chair) - Patsy Hedge
             Kathy Uitts

Treasurer - Amy Hartley

Secretary - Amy Smith

Building Representatives

High School:       Shirley Holland
                         Jim Makosky
                         Rik Stillson

Middle School:        Jayne Kesler
                             Karen  Walrath
                             Peggy Hoback

Intermediate School: Debbie Lamb

Primary School: Susie Flook

UniServ Council Representatives: Nancy Fredriks
                                               Gretchen Meller
                                                Matt Wood - alt.

PAC Representative: Jim Thomas


Negotiations                                                     Meet and Discuss
 Phil Morgan                   - HS                         Mike Tolle - HS
                                        - HS                         Jeanine Wade  - HS
                                        - HS                         Denise Keogh - MS
Doris Longfellow - MS                                   Ken Seward - MS
Randall Hudson- MS                                      Ann Dane - PS
                                        - MS                        Patsy Hedge - PS
Rodger Borders - IS                                        Jessica Lorts - IS
Danielle Voorhis - P/IS                                   Dave Millett - IS
Linda Winkleman - PS

Jim Makosky - HS                                           Communications
Wendell Deason - MS                                                                  - HS
Claire Snyder - IS                                           Amy Cole - MS
Sue Thatcher - PS                                           Angie Henry - IS
                                                                        Gail Zahn - PS

Member Morale                                               Jim Makosky - HS
Jim Makosky             - HS                               Lori Rayl - MS
                                   - HS                               Marsha Martin - IS
Lou Ann Millett - MS                                       Debbie Jackson - PS
Jeanie Cunnyngham - MS
Donna Boyd - IS
Alan Darnell - IS
Beth Lightfoot - PS