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Tipton Education Association Constitution


Article II


Section 1. 
All voting members of the governing bodies shall be elected by the eligible membership by open nominations and a secret ballot with provisions for write-in candidtates.
Section 2.   Provisions shall be made for run-off elections, if necessary.
Section 3.
Ethinic minority representation shall, whenever appropriate, be at least proportionate to the ethnic minority membership of the Association.
Section 4.
Representation shall be provided for each type of membership as outlined in Article III of the Constitution in all elections.
Section 5.
The governing body, as identified in Article VI of the Constitution, shall have the power to fill any officer vacancies.  The person so selected shall serve until an election can be held to complete the unexpired term.
Section 6.
The contract ratification vote will be taken no less than two (2) nor more than four (4) school days following presentation to and discussion by the teachers during a regular T.E.A. meeting.

The vote will be conducted by secret ballot at a time and location designated by the President.

In the case of illness or business that requires a voting member to be away from the school site for that voting day, absentee ballots will be accepted.

The contract ratification vote is limited to Association members only as per P.L. 217.

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