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Tipton Education Association Constitution

Article V

Building Representatives


Section 1.


An Association member(s) in good standing shall be elected at a meeting arranged by the retiring Building Representatives(s) to represent the members in that building.  Such representation shall be based on one (1) representative to each ten (10) members or major fraction thereof, or some other ratio that provides for one person/one vote. (i.e. one representative per eight (8) members or one representative per twelve (12) members.)
Section 2.


The Building Representative shall serve as a member of the Executive Board.  After three (3) unreported absences of a representative, the President may declare the seat vacant.
Section 3.
Vacancies in Building Representative positions shall be filled with an election conducted by the building membership.
Section 4.
The Building Representative shall provide two-way communication between the building and the Executive Board.
Section 5. 
The Building Representaive shall serve on the membership committee in enrolling new members.


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